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Feb 18, 2016· Arcadia, CA ·

Just finished the caulking, what an outstanding product, besides the time it took to get the sand at the correct depth the caulking went in in about 50 minutes. Easy to mix and install, actually a lot of fun!
Jeff K. Monrovia, Ca.
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    Robert & his co-owner came to my house same day of my call re: Deck-o-seal cracks. They removed old product, which failed in just 3 yrs, & put down their Pool-Seal product. They had some left-over from the mix & went around my sidewalks & layered in the remainder, at NO cost. The results so far after 3 months are excellent. Their install charge was 40% less than the big Pool companies. Thanks Robert. Tim & Deb, Highland Village, TX
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      This material is awesome!  The kit could not be more user friendly to use with step by step easy instructions.  The stones I ordered were even delivered in a easy application bottle so I would not make a mess.  End product looks great and functions really well.  I had a thin spot and easily repaired it with the extra material I had.  I highly recommend this product to anyone.  My pool builder and cleaner are very impressed with the product too!
      Dear Robert,

      I am forwarding a series of photo's that you may use on your web-site.  The entire project took six hours over two days.  My brother and me prepped the pool in 4 hours and removed all the existing dried up caulking.  We filled the deep corner joints with sand packed down to a 1/2 inch of the coping.  The next day, we started at 1:00 PM and Finished at 3 PM on a pool that is 20 x 42.  As my brother poured the joint sealant, i followed almost immediately with the gray decorative gravel.  I was able to do the entire pool for less than $200, as opposed to hiring a service at $1500 to $2000 to do the job.  I can't tell you how happy I am with the final results, that almost any pool owner can do themselves.  I have sent a series of photo's documenting the entire process. Don't be fooled by other's on the internet claiming they have the same product.  Robert Denman is the inventor of this magnificent product, and it works exactly as stated. Thanks again Robert, and your product comes with my highest recommendation.

       Tony Accordino.  New York.
      From: David Zimmerman
      To: Robert Denman
      Sent: Thursday, September 12, 2013 4:28 PM
      Subject: Re: Order of FWS-Tan

      Hi Robert,

      I ordered your product from 'Pool-seal.com'. I thought I had used this address before, but possibly not. You do have a few locations to choose from, and I even used EBAY one time, a repair kit that included a bottle of Goo and some gravel-type filler. I didn't really need that, just your Tan bags, so I ordered the 2-bag product from pool-seal.com

      Your product works well for me. I have an older pool and I had a pool company replace the mastic, which didn't even last a full season before the mastic just shriveled up. I didn't do anything about it for awhile and the concrete deck has risen, requiring the mastic to seal on an uneven level. I've learned to do any repairs on a timely basis, i.e. cracks, etc. using your product to keep it in as good a shape as I can with a more cost-effective manner... I don't trust another company to replace it again since I found your site.


      David Zimmerman 
      On 06/25/13 3:02 PM, Randy Tolbert wrote:

      Thank you for connecting with me...

      I received your product and sealed my pool. My pool is only 3 years old, but the sealant that was used had already begun cracking. The process was so simple, I can't believe the cost pool repair companies want to do this procedure. I received so many compliments on how well your product matched my Oklahoma flag stone coping.

      Thanks again!


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      From Jim Ollerton
      To Robert Denman

      • Thank you very much.   The product is great, I underestimated. I have an old pool and my gaps were wide.  Area where I have completed it looks real nice.
      From: Scott Brekken
      To: Robert Denman
      Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2013 3:40 PM
      Subject: Re: Pool Seal dropoff


      I did my first 50 feet or so with your Gen III and so far I like it. I did not see it mentioned but I cleaned the bucket, applicator and my hands up with water and soap. It does firm up fast as the last stuff in the bucket was hard to pour out into the applicator. I might need more top sand, can I let you know and buy some from you? Or is there someplace I can get it? 

      Scott Brekken
      La Selva, John
      To Me

      May 28, 2014 at 6:11 PM
      Hi Robert –
      Sorry I haven’t’ been able to get this email to you sooner.  Memorial day weekend and the back to work grind this week made it tough for me to follow back up with you.
      Attached are a few pictures of my pool and the Pool-Seal so you can make sure the quantity and color match you send me is correct.  I pressure washed the patio Saturday and surprisingly, the ¼ inch of Pool-Seal that had degraded, that I mentioned to you, was only in one small spot.  The rest still looked real good.   I included a picture of the area where is has begun to degrade away.  As you’ll see, not bad.  It just used to be at the paver & coping level and is now a little lower.   Beside fixing this one area, can I assume it would make sense to put the Generation V over the rest of the existing joint to keep it from softening and degrading away?
      I look forward to your response and as we talked, if you want me to comment written or verbal about your product, I’d be more than happy to.  I’ve been very happy with it and hope the repair/maintenance procedure you outline for me will give me several more years.
      Thank you,
      John La Selva
      Natural Pool-Seal buyer May 16th 2012
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