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What's Natural Pool Seal™

Natural Pool Seal™ sets a new standard for swimming pool expansion joint sealant. Finally an alternative to, Deck-o-Seal®

An, organic based, poly activated compound, forming a lasting seal, repairable (unlike the industries product of choice), natural looking, eco-friendly, non-toxic seal between your pool coping stone and deck.

Is an absolute value over the industry's product of choice , Natural Pool Seal™ last's for years when properly maintained. Solve your pool deck coping sealant problems easily and economically.

Created exclusively for the pool owner to "Protect Your Pool Today & Protecting Your Cash from the Industry Tomorrow” .

Offers benefits over those “other” 2-part products which the industry promotes and has to be replaced every few years.

Natural Pool Seal™ can hold angles if your pool coping and deck are not even. Self-Leveling product's obviously can't, thats quite advantageous when your coping and deck are not at the same level, often found around older pools and largely due to ground movement or a deteriorated Pool Seal.

Natural Pool Seal™ can be shaped into the joint infilling from low to high or high to low, eliminating that unsightly edge, possibly preventing a trip hazard too.

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Until Natural Pool-Seal™, there has been no alternative product; the pool industry has used a traditional 2-part poly sulfide type epoxy sealant (a.k.a. Deck-o-Seal) can be costly and difficult to install, and will typically need to be replaced every few years (due to failure from UV exposure).

Also, these types of mastic products are toxic. (Please view the
History page to get the explanation of what 2 part epoxy was really designed to do). On the other hand, Natural Pool Seal™ is more economical, ease of installation and you can rest assured knowing that you are installing an eco-friendly, non-toxic pool expansion joint sealant.
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When it comes to swimming pool expansion joint sealant and repair products, the Polysulfide repair/replace product has long been the industry standard. While Polysulfide pool sealant is resistant to pool chemicals, it is not resistant to UV rays which cause it to fail, needing frequent replacement over the life of your pool. It is far more expensive than Natural PoolSeal™. Yet, Natural PoolSeal™ is an effective swimming pool sealant that provides all of the following:

• Fills joints that are subject to concrete movement.

  • Provides weather/water/chemical/UV resistant protection, yet it is both firm and with the ability to compress.
  • Is specifically designed for swimming pool expansion joints.

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