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I am Robert Denman, the inventor of the #1 alternative to Deck-o-Seal and the vanguard of non-toxic pool expansion joint sealant. Some ask, how and when did a normal non-corporate guy come up with this? Its a combination of being in the right place at the right time, along with a desire to invent something people would want. Here's the story if you would like to read it, if not PLEASE watch the video's and read the short history story later.

Proudly, I served in the United States Navy as a Naval Aircrewman in the
ES-3a for almost 11 years. As an Electronic Warfare Operator. When not flying missions, Naval Aircrewmen are asked to assist with maintenance needs. While on deployment in 1996 on the USS Enterprise, with VQ-6 (Det C) we had a leaking fuel cell (gas tank) that needed repair. I mixed a two-part epoxy known as polysulfide and poured into the fuel tank to seal the leak. I remember the distinctive chemical smell like it was yesterday.

After being honorably discharged from the Navy, I met a General Manager of a pool company. After learning of my experience with electronic gear, he expressed his need for a leak detection specialist, someone that could operate some complicated gear. And as before, when I wasn't doing leak detections, I was asked to assist with jobs to include the application of expansion joint sealant around swimming pools. The first thing I noticed installing this product was that smell!! The second, the level of difficulty to install. And the third was the cost of this product which is passed onto the homeowner. So what is this stuff? The name brand is Deck o Seal®, aka …

Wow, this stuff is supposed to be inside an aircraft fuel cell and not in a pool expansion joint!!! Noticing the frequency of replacing was every 3-5 years at a cost of $8 a linear foot each time. Also, there was no alternative product to compete in such a niche market.

I set out to invent a pool expansion joint sealant that would offer a natural looking, eco-friendly product offering a cost effective product with the ability to be repaired instead of replaced, and can be easily installed by the homeowner.

Natural Pool Seal was born. As with any invention, there have been stages of refining and prototyping in creating the perfect product. After 5 years, a superior product is complete. The goals of its design: saving the homeowner money up front and over the life of the pool, ease of installation and repairable (as needed) based on ground movement.
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