• How long does it take for the them to cure?
    Natural Pool Seal™- the material is tack free in 15 min's the top-layer skins in 30 min's and cures in 24 hours at 80ºF
  • The product didn't set - it's still sticky. What happened?
    Natural Pool Seal™- that’s not possible
  • My pool deck has white plastic expansion joints. They have become brittle and cracked due to sun. Is your product a suitable/preferred replacement if the plastic is removed?
    Yes, I've done it many times the "KEY" is to cut the entire strip out, not the V, just the secondary part the middle section. Then fill the V up to a leaving an inch left to the top. Use dry sand wet as you install Natural Seal.
  • What is the difference between Natural Pool Seal and Ultimate Pool Seal?
    There is no difference between the two products base when it comes to ingredients. However, there are major differences in how they came to pass and what you will pay. The owner of Ultimate Pool Seal started working with me in May 2010, (David Briggs) and talked his way in to becoming a "defacto" partner, after gaining "to much Information" he chose to just pirate my product instead of honoring his word. With the the help of his brother Darryl Briggs a very successful photographer, having very savvy "SEO" knowledge, set out on there own with Davids new knowledge he gained with his infiltration into my life. Unfortunately, for me I trusted him to much, I have now filed a lawsuit against both of them in the Dallas County Civil Court to stop there activities. For those who are either doing business with them or just curious to know more information on what there capable of, I have linked the e-mails between David & Darryl the day I learned of their activities. There are with internal links to other e-mails from the past, based on relevance & behavior of the statements that were made in the e-mails in April 2011. I will add when I met David Briggs he was unemployed and had NEVER worked in the pool industry or manufacturing industry in his life. He presently claims 37 years of experience on his LinkedIn page along with when he opened Ultimate Pool Seal, before we ever met! WoW thats misleading!!! Lawsuit is now posted on site